We help small businesses grow through strategic creative marketing & testing
The right message, in front of the right people, at the right time!

A Creative & Digital Distribution Agency

Delivering the same message to all of your customers (potential / new / existing / churned) is like a doctor prescribing the same medicine for every patient that walks through their door. It doesn’t work! Some people visit your business regularly, some have walked past and have never actually stepped foot inside your store and others have no idea your business exist! Why deliver the same message at the same time to all four types of people? The message you put out there should be unique to the viewer and timing is everything in order to drive your business growth.

We create the right custom message for your business (video, stills, graphics and copy) and send it at the right time, to the right people. Then we track it all to determine the resulting ROI and ROAS for your business!

Small Business

Are you an owner/operator of a small business in Chicago and experiencing stagnant growth?

• Do you have few or no employees?

• Have you been hounded by and tired of digital marketers trying to win your business?

• Are you confused by today’s technology and how it could benefit your business?

• Do you think free or very inexpensive POS platforms like Square are best in class software for your business?

• Did you choose Square because you didn’t know any better at the time?

• Do you feel like your competitors know something you don’t?

• Do you think Facebook, Instagram and Google ads are rigged against you and/or a waste of your money?

• Want to work with a company right here in Chicago and be able to have a face to face meeting?

• Are you open-minded and ready to take your business to THE NEXT LEVEL?

Are your answers, “YES! YES! YES!?” – We hear you.

We’ve been in your shoes having owned small businesses and coming from a long line of entrepreneurs. We understand the frustration when your current growth rate is not what you want or need. This is the driving reason why we developed this business solution and make local businesses in Chicago our focus.

Our in-house talent has over 20 years of technology and solutions consulting experience with Fortune 500 companies and now it is time to help YOUR business level up. Learn more by clicking the button below!

Creative, Technology + Business Consulting

As important as the technology supporting your business is, the creative is just as important, after all the creative content is the digital doorway into your business. The top of funnel digital content has to be compelling enough to stop the scroll and to get a potential client/customer to take that next step on the journey to becoming one of your customers.

We are a full stack/service creative digital distribution agency that provides a complete solution for your small business but, in today’s world it all starts with technology and understanding how to take advantage of it to drive your business growth. The only thing worse than not having a data driven understanding of your business is thinking that your data is accurate, when in fact it may be misleading you and causing you to spend money on ads using the HOPE marketing method!

Business Consulting
Our Business Consulting service is the key for us understanding your specific business needs, pain points and numbers. With this understanding of your business needs and your customer’s needs, we can more accurately and creatively develop the top funnel content to get your customer to walk through that digital doorway of yours. When we understand your numbers, we can accurately determine, if the current solution we are running for your business is generating a positive ROI; and then use that accurate data to determine if an iteration is required or if it’s time to scale and grow your business even bigger!

Market + Test = Growth

Market Test Grow offers a results-based business solution, we are focused on providing your business actual ROI/ROAS, that means a real return on your investment which translates into business growth. After all, if you are spending money on marketing and advertising and not seeing a positive ROI/ROAS then something is wrong with your marketing approach or maybe there’s no benefit for you to be advertising at all! And, if you don’t know what your current ROI/ROAS numbers are related to ad spend; then you have fallen into the trap of most businesses and you have subscribed to the HOPE marketing model, which is much like throwing anything or everything against the wall and HOPING something sticks!

Our company name is based on two main concepts and one result! Under the broad concept of marketing falls many specific tasks, some of which involve ad concept creation/ideation and production work. And, under the broad concept of test, falls many tasks including the capturing and analyzing of data related to ad performance and customer experience. Then there’s grow, the result of these two concepts of market and test working hand in hand together over many iterations to obtain real results for your business. To see a more detailed task list that falls under each of these concepts and to gain a better understanding of the iteration process; click the button below!